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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fresh Breath Naturally

I did some research and found out that chewing on parsley is a natural way to freshen your breath.  I bought some and tried it out.  All I can say I know it's a natural way, but it definitely a taste that you have to get use too. 

Sharing U-part Wig Love

I have made u part wigs for myself for a couple of years now. Last week was the first time I've made it for someone else.   It's made with four bundles of Brazilian straight hair.  I'm including the picture of the closure, but it was not sewn onto the u part wig. The hair wasn't sealed.  I only went through the weft at the beginning of each bundle and at the end of each bundle.  I did co-wash it before sewing it on to a male dome cap. I used the folding method. Once I'm able to get into a sewing rhythm I do find it very relaxing.  Here are some pictures.

4 Bundles & a Closure



All done after two days.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Festive Holiday Party Supplies & Ideas

Festive Holiday Party Supplies & Ideas by Birthday Express
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Solid color party supplies at Birthday Express
We're currently planning holiday parties. You're probably doing the same. One way we've made decorating super simple is with solid color party supplies from Birthday Express.

Solids are a fantastic go-to choice for decorating, but we also love chevron, polka dots and quatrefoil. Our absolute favorite is to mix and match solids with unique patterns by combining solids and patterns together. Check out some of our holiday decorating tips below and get inspired!

Solid color party supplies at Birthday Express

As featured in the image above, stacking dessert plates on top of dinner plates will allow you to get creative in your design. In addition to reds and greens, you can also find solid color party supplies in different shades of blue and silver, which also work great for a holiday party.

Solids: We choose solid colors when we have a venue that already has a lot going on in terms of design. Choosing solids makes it easy to coordinate with any decor. We also like to mix and match them with chevron, polka dots or quatrefoil patterns.

Chevron: It's a classic, yet trendy pattern. We just love the zigzags of chevron. And, you can find it in many different colors at Birthday Express. Your party decorations will be unforgettable with a chevron pattern!

Polka Dots: Timeless and fun, polka dots are a cheerful party choice. Kids and adults alike will love the dotted party decor!

Quatrefoil: This design conveys fancy. Choose quatrefoil when you want to add a classy vibe to your party.

In addition to solid colored plates, Birthday Express also has a variety of solid and patterned colored cups, napkins, tablecovers and utensils - pretty much any color you need to customize a party. Check out all solid color party supplies by visiting! 

Chevron Green Dinner Plates

Classic Red Quatrefoil Dinner Plates (8)