Pacifiers, Pumps And The World

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Which Plate Looks Better? (W/ #linky )

Last week I posted about buying a calorie sugar free syrup. You can click here to read that post.  I will post a review on it next week.  Here is a side by side view of hubby and I having breakfast the other day.  He had Log Cabin syrup with his pancakes.  I had vegan sausages with Wilson Farm syrup with my pancakes.  I think my plate looks better but I might be bias.☺

Miss A Mini Haul ~ Inexpensive Retail Therapy

 So for a little retail therapy I like to shop at Miss A from time to time. You can buy accessories for a $1.  Here is a mini haul of what I bought.  The shipping was fast.  They ship it out at the beginning of the week and I received it by Saturday. They have a lot of items that are different and fun to wear.

I don't wear earrings everyday but this will be fun to wear a few times.

Gold Earring

Eyelash Adhesive

I can't wait to try these.

The chain is to short for me.  So I'm going to remove the pendant to  put it on a longer chain.  I bought a couple of these.    

Have a wonderful day! 
Stay Safe & Sane!

Disclaimer:  All items was bought with my own funds.

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Reward is Advil

Yea Spring is here!?  Wait I can't really say I feel great about Spring being here yet because it's 25 degrees today. I can say for sure is that I'm getting old.  It's not because of that one white strand of hair that says hello to me everyday now. Spring cleaning has taken me down. I remember when Spring cleaning would take me no time to finish. Now I take more breaks and ask my sons for more help. Who knew that Spring cleaning would show my true age. I can't bend for too long and I can't reach to high. It's time for a glass of water and Advil as my reward for getting the job done.  I guess I can find happiness in the fact I finish Spring cleaning before it actually feels like Spring. 

Happy Monday Everyone!
Stay Safe & Sane!