Pacifiers, Pumps And The World: Fail B90D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fail B90D

 So in February I started a new challenge to read the bible in 90 days. At first I was doing very good making sure to read first thing in the morning. March I would miss a couple of days and would have to use the weekends to catch up.  But in not keeping to the original plan too read first thing in the morning. I started staying behind.   Than I fell in love with Proverbs. I just love how it was so descriptive on how to live.  I made the mistake you're not suppose to do during this challenge.  I reread it and took a lot of time taking down notes.  I'm very much far behind and know I won't complete the challenge in 90 days.  It's not going to stop me from finish reading the whole Bible. It's just not going to happen in the time frame I want it to be.  I want to thank Aurie Good from Our Good Family for hosting the Bible challenge and doing her best to encourage me to keep going. I wish everyone in the challenge good luck!

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  1. When I was a kid, I started trying to read the whole Bible. I don't know how far I got, but I know I never finished it.

    1. This was my first attempt. It's quite interesting reading it. I hope by the end of the summer I finish it. Thanks for coming by and commenting.