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Friday, May 4, 2012

Vampire Red

It's another Friday!! This week I talk a little bit about my natural hair.  One of the things I'm not so keen on doing is braids with extension and weaves. The only reason is after a week, I'm dying to take out of my hair. So even though I always wanted to color my hair.  I didn't want anything permanent that I would get tired of within a week.  So through the wonderful world of YouTube. I found out about Manic Panic and I bought Vampire Red.  I got it from Sally but I'm sure you can check out your local beauty supply store to see if they have it. Also you can order it from the site itself.
 This is how it looked like when I open it.  I didn't put on any gloves at this point, but you really should. It's a semi permanent vegan hair coloring. It come in all sorts of color.

Now it does say it does show better results if your hair has been bleach previously. My hair has never been bleach.  You're suppose to leave it on for 30 to 60 mins. I should have left it in for 60 mins but I did the 30 mins because I was worried my hair would look like this. I love Mcdee. I just didn't want my hair to like Mcdee.

So first I wash my hair and made sure it was dried. I covered the whole sink with garbage bags and had gloves on.  After I applied it, I place the shower cap and nervously waited 30 minutes to rinse and condition my hair. It didn't come out red at all. It came out like the color maroon, but I still like it.  You could only really see it well in the sunlight. For the first try, I wanted it to look more like highlights than my whole head of hair being a new color. After about 2 to 3 washes it was out of my hair.

FYI: My hair now is much softer in appearance and touch after trying a new combination of  hair food products.I'm still figuring out what products work well with my hair. 

So I plan to do it again a week before my birthday but this time I'm going to leave it in for an hour. Plus I'm going to use the coloring brush instead of my fingers. Just in case I don't like it. I can wash it out before my birthday. I'm going to take pictures of with my hair in it's natural state and also when I straiten it out.

I'm also excited to try different colors. I'm glad I try it. I can't wait to see what the results will look like next month.

Disclaimer: This is not a exchange review.  I bought this with my own money. I just wanted to share what I thought about it.

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